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A positive life choice, creating your journey to a new destination.

Exciting new approaches
Individualised support
Life changing experiences
Outstanding accommodation

About us

Streetz Ahead consistently develop exciting new approaches for young people transitioning to adulthood through supported accommodation.

Our service aims to support local authorities to maximise outcomes for young people. We procure high standard, cost effective support and accommodation.

Streetz Ahead housing is an integrated, supported accommodation project. We prepare young people accommodated by the local authority to take small steps towards independence, fostering a smooth transition into adulthood. We are committed to improving outcomes for young people, encouraging positive achievements, creating life changing experiences and promoting sustainable 'move-on' housing solutions.

We create fully individualised plans which concentrate on both short and long term goals. We understand young people face many challenges, and embrace this with flexible support to meet the needs of the individual. We help them to fulfil their potential, maintain their stability in accommodation, and build life skills which they can apply to their future. We recognise, for some young people, managing their past and building confidence are just as important as making plans for their future.

Streetz Ahead are committed to providing a clear and transparent service through induction, planning, objectives, review and evaluation.

Through client centred practice we work together to enable young people to ...

✔ Build a platform at the very beginning to create a safe, secure base.

✔ Create their own journey through a client centred, individualised plan.

✔ Map where they have been, develop their identity and define where they want to develop.

✔ Build skills for their journey ahead.

✔ Seek additional external support.

✔ Maximise their capabilities and choices, enabling control over their own lives.

✔ Flourish in 'move-on' accommodation so they need never transition towards homelessness services.

✔ Be a good neighbour and live independently as part of the community.

✔ Continue pursuing positive social, economic and health outcomes when they leave our support.

A positive life choice, creating your journey to a new destination.

Mission statement

We aim to be a client centred holistic service, dedicated to enabling vulnerable people to achieve their goals. We go the extra mile to provide high standards of care, education, support, housing and other related services. We motivate our clients through individualised support programmes to achieve their full potential, in a safe way, at their own pace. We encourage our young people to take manageable risks so we can support them to make informed choices in a safe environment.

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